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Hi, I'm Eduardo Teles

I'm a Full Stack Developer in search of constant learning. I ❤️ to automate things!

About me

Hi, I'm Eduardo Teles, I'm a Developer. I'm studying Computer Engineering at UNIVESP

I've been studying programming since I was 12 years old. I had my first contact with programming in 2016, when I started studying android development. Since then, I've been studying various languages and technologies.

ReactNext.jsTailwind CSSNest.jsFlutterDockerPostgreSQLRedisAWS


Currently, I'm studying and working with the following technologies: React / Nextjs, Fluter, Node.js / Nestjs, Docker, PostgreSQL, Redis, AWS, Linux, among others.


Here are some of my projects. I'm always looking for new challenges!

Go to my Github
iTourismCod3Rocket eslint configUnivesp